Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shitty Spirits

Let's begin with a small bit of good news:  Driven is at #14 on Top Mommy Blogs!! Keep up the good work people.  However there is a nasty rumour being spread by Kris over at Pretty All True that they are going to re-set the counters or whatever.  So keep voting, please.

Or in true Driven fashion, consider this: You'd better fucking vote, mother truckers! tee hee (you know what's even funnier is my fingers have a mind of their own and automatically typed out the real word, if you know what I mean.  If you don't, please leave, I don't have time for you).

Yes, I'm feeling a little full of piss and vinegar tonight.  Not sure why.  I've had about seven mood swings since I got home and it appears I'm on an upswing.  Partly because of the 14th place shit and partly because I've turned to my dear friend, music, to lift my shitty spirits.

Why did I have shitty spirits in the first place? Well I'm tired.  What else is new.  I had to do some mundane cleaning at work today and that always kind of sucks.  My son lost his starting position on the football team and my daughter is yelled at constantly by her soccer coach and I'm at a loss as what to do.

I never ever want to be one of those parents who is every coach's nightmare.  I don't turn a blind eye or sugarcoat shit, never mind the behaviour of my children.  Case in point:  my son had a shitty game Saturday.  He did.  It's a fact.  But the rest of the time? He's a solid player. Starting Center.  I couldn't be prouder.  I still am proud.  However the head coach appears to be having some kind of power trip issue and stripped him of his position to which my kid replied: "Whatever's best for the team."  And meant it.

My son.

I think those of you who know me well know what I would've done in that situation;  it would've involved nicknames and getting fired.

He is a good kid.

As is my daughter.  She is a good soccer player. It is her first year playing high school soccer.  The coach likes to yell.  Justine feels she is being singled out with the yelling.   I don't know what to tell her.  I've watched enough sitcoms to know it is not a good idea to ask the coach not to yell at my child but at the same time, she needs to shut the fuck up.  These are 13-17 year old girls.  Screaming at them about soccer is stupid.  I can appreciate competitiveness.  I myself could be considered slightly competitive.  Which is why I do not coach.  Which is why I try to bite my lip at my children's sporting events.  I'm also slightly passionate.  About nearly everything.

So earlier this evening, before Fleetwood Mac, Ray Charles and the Black Crowes, I had a small rant.  Then I drove Justine to drama and listened to Fleetwood Mac on the way home.  Is there anything better.  'Rumours' was no joke.  That album came out the year I was born.

Ooo, and currently my six year old is smacking his ass with an empty granola bar box whilst dancing to 'Jealous Again' by the Black Crowes. 'Shake Your Money Maker' came out when I was 14 and has been one of my all time favourites since.

My point, and I do have one, is music makes me feel better, I was in shitty spirits but now I'm not, my kids are fucking awesome and those coaches might be douche bags.

And finally, I'm number fucking 14 on the Top Mommy Blog list in the humour section so get your asses over there and vote some more.

Thanks Mother Truckers.


  1. music makes living worthwhile!!! and to quote the prozac filled lady from size small island


    and that is what shangela has to say

  2. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad music makes you feel better. I am also in good company since my kid's school has called me 3 times since September. One time it was the gym teachers. Never mind that I hate gym teachers (esp female ones) to begin with. She caught me at a bad time.

    Witch: Hi, I am calling about Chandler. He has been very disrespectful. Today he was supposed to run a mile and he walked after about 50 yards. He also didn't change his clothes for gym.

    Me: His foot has been hurting and he needs to see the doc for it. If it hurts, I don't want him running. He should have told you he was in pain. (he did tell her and she never told me that! How about, "Chandler complained of foot pain today. I am concerned he may have an injury." Nooooo.....the kid didn't run the mile was the issue! Anyway....) Um, was he wearing shorts and sneakers for gym? Was he dressed for gym?

    Witch: Yes, but he wore that to school. He didn't change his clothes for gym.

    Me: Why don't you worry when he isn't dressed appropriately for gym and not worry about what he wears to math class? As for the disprespect, I will discuss it with him.

    End of conversation. Whore.

  3. Ohmygod, your poor babies. : (

    I can't imagine what it must be like to know that coaches are being such DICKS to your kids. When my brother was younger, my mom used to take him to football practice and watch. She would get so upset by the coach yelling at the kids that she would bring things up with the coach. My dad made her stop going after a while...

  4. Shangela. Agreed. Is there anything more to say?

    Nicki: I like that you used Witch instead of Bitch but then referred to her as a whore at the end. Which, for the record, she totally sounds like a whore.

    Sara; I really don't like confrontation for the most part and this is largely what prevents me from saying anything. That and the chance I may embarass my kids. So I say nothing but commiserate with them at home. It's all I can do. Nothing they've done yet falls outside of the realm of coaching so whatever. Douchebags.