Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am becoming increasingly bothered by my lack of time to blog.  I've taken the last half an hour to get caught up on my email and such and in that time, I realized how out of the loop I am.  I can't remember the last time I read Pretty All True which became glaringly evident when I noted today, via Facebook, she is having a contest of sorts and posting her favourite blogs.  Guess who's not even in the running?



I didn't know about it because I don't have time to read it and when I do get any down time, as of late, I use it to either a) sit like a zombie in front of the TV or b) eat something not good for me or c) both of the above.

This sucks ass.  For any of you who've been around for any length of time you likely have caught on that I idolize Kris over there at PAT and it would be the ultimate validation or reward to have her recommend my blog and post it right there on hers. It would be akin to Jax from Sons of Anarchy showing up at my house on his Harley and declaring his love for this mother of four who has neglected the gym for quite some time now while at the same time paying extra-special attention to cookies, chocolate and ice cream (in no particular order).  He'd be all like, "Oooh, it's so sexy they way you're all nice and soft and squishy; I hate women with flat stomachs and pert breasts".  Then he'd tell me I'm insanely sexy not only because my roots are showing and that the white patch of hair at the very front of my head is driving him wild with desire but that he also can't get enough of my sweat pants.  He's wax on poetic about the wiles of women in elastic waisted pants.   Then he'd throw me on the back of his bike and we'd ride off into the sunset (Charming) where I'd become Gemma's protege, because I'm seriously more bad ass than Tara, and his old lady for keeps.

Or something along those lines anyway; I really haven't given it much thought.

For the time being though, I need to finish making supper, feed these people, drive my daughter to Drama rehearsal, make a couple of work-related phone calls, bathe some of these people and then work on a my other website.  The only chance of any part of the above fantasy coming true is the fact that I am currently wearing sweat pants and my roots are showing.  I'm not expecting Jax; instead my own husband, in a Chevy half-ton, who never appreciates my sweat pants for their hidden sex appeal.



  1. Well, I think your sweat pants are darn sexy...and my roots are starting to 'appear' and that is quite sexy. I don't have anyone to bath, sadly? Except myself, and that is not so sexy to bath oneself.

  2. I'm currently reading a book called 'sleeping with ward cleaver'. It's total mindless chick lit. The reason I mention it is because the author, Jenny Gardiner, writes in a style that reminds me of you. She's funny, sarcastic and bitingly honest.

    Hang in there - I sympathize with you regarding the blogging, or lack of blogging. I've had a horrible case of writer's block lately and I'm pissed. Blogging is therapy for me. When I can't figure out the right words or find the time to blog I get cranky.

    I'm sorry things are so crazy for you right now.

  3. Anonymous; Cabbage. And maybe light a candle or two when bathing yourself and it might be a little sexier than you had originally thought.

    Kittie: Thanks so much. I want to read that book now. I love mindless chick lit. The rest of my life is anything but mindless, so I like the break. Sorry to hear you've had writer's block. I hate that! Blogging is totally therapy for me too. And my life is always crazy and that's just the way it is. Thanks for lending an 'ear' though. Much appreciated.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain with not having time to blog...or go on Facebook. How many times do I need to feel guilty for not wishing someone a happy fuckin' birthday on FB simply because I haven't signed on in a few days??

    So...I wanted to post a reply to this last night but I didn't have time to read the whole entry. I am sad to admit that I scanned it then clicked off the computer. No offense...totally me feeling overwhelmed and not you boring me!

    I think you and I should hook up because I am in sweats now and apparently, we are the only ones who think they are sexy. Too bad neither of us have time to hook up!

    In the meantime...wash some of the people, teach them how to feed themselves (um, kids, there are scraps in the trash if you are THAT hungry) and enjoy a nice drink in your sexy attire!!! Have one for me too. My margarita glass is dirty and I don't have time to wash the damn thing.

  5. Sigh. Nicki, I like you. Enough said.

  6. Hey There,
    I can totally relate to the lack of time left after all the necessary bullshit is finished (if that actually exists). Kids are so needy.
    I am also a huge fan of PAT. I submitted my post the first week she mentioned it and was lucky enough to be featured. The good news about that gig is that it doesn't need to be a new post. It is just one of your favorites that you previously posted. That makes things a lot easier and takes the pressure off completely. Just send her the link! Good luck!

  7. Thanks! (for the relating and the info on PAT). And welcome! I believe this is your first comment over here :)