Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Well folks, it's here, and I'm not sure where to begin when describing the many unexpected and surprising directions this particular Valentine's Day has taken...

It's been raw, wet, hot, a little dirty and I even saw the 'doctor', if you know what I mean...  Allow me to elaborate:

Raw:  The cinnamon buns I attempted to bake for my family as a special treat.  They were of the frozen variety and were supposed to defrost for six to 8 hours or overnight prior to baking them.  I went with six hours.  Mistake.  They are burnt (this is where the hot part of my day comes in) on the outside and undercooked on the inside. Mmmmm.

Wet:  The couch after I used my Little Bissell Green Machine to clean the vomit off of it.  This morning.  Before coffee.  Not sure if it was the cat or dog who puked but it was special all the same.

Dirty:  The poop I cleaned up first thing this morning, before my coffee was even made.  Again, I am not sure if it was the cat or the dog (the small one obviously, if it were the Golden Retriever, there'd be no mistaking it and he doesn't do that, he's a good dog).

'Doctor':  My two youngest children were ill all weekend.  The seven year old was not feeling better and developed a weird rash on his face.  Turns out he has a "nasty" chest infection, possibly pneumonia (just waiting to hear back from the x-ray results), and "Fifth Disease".  Fifth Disease sounds worse than it is.  It's just a fairly benign viral rash. 

Just call me Dr. Oz.  Or don't, because I'd find that fairly insulting.

So, as you can see, this day has been unparalleled in sights, sounds, and circumstance.  I  am a lucky lady.  Lucky in love and lucky in life.  I did buy myself a box of hair dye.  It's a new kind that foams up.  So that's exciting.  It's supposed to cover 100% grey, so that's even more exciting.  I  do have some peanut butter cups for later.

Isn't love grand?

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  1. Damn, woman... Valentine's Day was being a total dick to you! :( I hope things go better today.