Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miss Obscurity

I miss obscurity.  Ha ha.  How egotistical does that sound?  Clearly there are not millions (or even thousands) reading my blog.  Hundreds is probably pushing it.  What I mean is there are times I'd like to vent and can't because I know who's reading and I really don't want to hurt any feelings.  I have to admit, and I think a good number of you will agree that I'm at my best when I'm angry.  The words flow through me like they have a life of their own when I'm good and pissed off.  I either need to be angry or rely on PMS or the antics of my many children to form a half decent post.

Yet here I am; not angry,  no longer PMS-ing, and the kids, while by no means quiet, haven't done anything so wonderful as ogling half-naked women in a change room as of late.  I'm listening to a hockey game.  The Oscars are not on at my house.  I watched bits and pieces of the Red Carpet but seriously, the inane small talk coupled with Robin's (last name?) freakishly deep voice are enough to make me want to rip out my own ovaries.

I'm slightly excited tomorrow marks the last day of February.  March is almost Spring.  Hope springs eternal.  Which is ridiculous because this is Saskatchewan and we are nowhere near done with winter but a girl can dream, can't she?

Tomorrow also marks my husband's return to his job.  The job he had, much like my old job, that promised security, a steady pay cheque, of sorts, and benefits.  A job, that often times, he hated.  But he's going back.  Which I give him huge credit for because I couldn't do it.  I couldn't go back to my old job.  Number one, it's not actually feasible.  I don't think you can be fired and then re-hired by the Government.  At least not within the year and certainly not by the same branch.  But he's doing it.  He didn't get fired though.  He quit to pursue his dream career.

And then his dream promptly kicked him in the balls.  More than once.  Ah, it's not fair to blame the dream.  It's fair to blame Dwayne Shpaiuk.  It's fair to blame a few others too but he's the only one I'm willing to name.  And again, his company is called Calibur Contracting.  Just in case you missed it.  Should I ever, ever find out any one of you is paying this man for his services?  Well let's just say I will blog like a motherfucker and you are not going to come out looking good.

I will.

Ryan is good at Carpentry and he likes it.  He will still be able to do it but it's no longer going to be his full time job.  This also means he is no longer going to be home on weekends.  Well, some he will and some he won't but we will never have any idea in advance when...

But I'm not complaining.  I'm thankful.  There are some out there who questioned Ryan's reluctance to return.  Thought perhaps he was being selfish or stupid in not going back right away.  Come to think of it, those who were critical?  Are those who either don't work or work doing something they actually enjoy doing.  Or those who are currently in no position to advise but seem to think they are.

Some of you who know me well are surprised at my vehement defence.  Some of you may never understand how deeply I hated my job and the feeling that grips me at the mere thought of having to return.

So right now, I am simply grateful.  His hand was a forced one, to an extent, but he's handling it with more grace than I would and there's something to be said for that.


  1. I applaud Ryan! I KNOW exactly how you felt(feel) and know that Ryan knows what he's going back to. Unfortunately, ideals are not currency to be used to pay bills.Believe me, I live it daily.
    My #2 home computer has been refusing to let me onto your blog and I haven't been to #1 home for 2 weeks.God forbid that I go onto it at work! This is my #1 home computer and it behaves itself. I have been busy & I'm broke..will wait till next week to get computer looked at/fixed...just to get my daily fix of "Driven".
    Chicken Little

  2. I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award and am nominating you as well cuz, well, whether you like it or not, I thought you were award-worthy! If you have already received this award and you don’t want another one or awards aren’t your “thing,” I completely understand. Just know that you are loved by me and no need to do anything more about it! If awards are your thing and you would like your award, come check it out on my site at I hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Chicken Little, I think I have finally figured out who you are!!! And am kicking myself for not having figured it out earlier. Sheesh and all my "I'm so intelligent" talk. Hope you get that computer fixed. Take Care.

    Nicki, I have yet to receive an award and awards are so my thing!! Almost my raison d'etre. I'm so excited. Thanks-this made my day take a much needed turn for the better. Love to you :)

  4. You are welcome!! I love you so it was only fitting! The post is down a little bit on my blog from a few days ago so you may need to scroll. Oh wait. I can make it easier. Hold on. BRB. K. Back. Here is the link. Hugs!