Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jesse's Girl

Today was a good day.  Some of you are confused now.  You're wondering, this can't be Angela a.k.a Penny Lane?  It simply can't.  She's angry all of the time.  And bitchy. 

Well fuck you because I had a good day.

My kids had a daycare day.

The End.

Just kidding.

Well, except for the part where my two youngest did actually attend daycare today.  And so  I worked, largely uninterrupted, for hours on end.  It would've been completely without interruption if I wasn't running a petting zoo.  And if I was single.  Between the dogs, cats and my husband, I wasn't entirely without interruption but really it was all pretty minor in comparison to what a regular day entails.

Now, it wasn't perfect because it wouldn't be me if I didn't have something to bitch about.  I was attempting to update a website and was fighting with html code and becoming thoroughly angry.  Hunched here in front of my desk shouting the odd obscenity and sucking back coffee wishing it was something stronger.  Perhaps something that starts with a V and ends with an A....

Anyway, at this precise moment the dogs decided they needed out.  And the radio started playing New Kids on the Block.  Recipe for disaster, or so you would think.  Instead I changed the station and lo and behold, Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield came on.

Some of you Judgey McJudgerson's are now questioning my taste in music but don't tell me you've never sung along to that song or danced or even tapped your foot.  Don't tell me because I won't stand for your bullshit and lies.  Not when we've come this far together.

Anyway, Jesse's Girl got this girl moving.  And singing.  To my dogs and one cat.  I don't know where the other cat was but word around the house is, she's sorry she missed it.  Callie, the cat who did witness this J-Lo like spectacle couldn't have been less impressed but she's a total bitch.  Chuy, the puppy, looked confused but then, when doesn't he?  Toby, who's been around for seven years now, didn't even look twice.  It's old hat for him now.

I was busting out some of my sauciest moves.  Made saucier yet by my attire of a cat hair covered hoodie and pink fuzzy slippers.  And sweat pants.  The day that I'm being 'saucy' in only the hairy sweatshirt and slippers but sans pants?  Is the day I begin considering the merits of once again having an office job. 

That being said, I was immediately cheered by my small Glee-like work break and soon after resolved my website woes.  And that my friends, is why working at home really is awesome sometimes.  Were I to launch into song and dance at an actual office (never mind wear nothing but hairy cotton elastic-waisted garments and slippers), I'd likely lose my job.  Or at the very least people would keep their distance and question my stability.  Which come to think of it, they did at my last 'office' job but mostly because they were frightened.

That had more to do with an unhealthy level of anger than unsanctioned dancing and poor wardrobe choices.

Today though, nobody questioned what was happening save for maybe Callie (the cat).  And I'm telling you that bitch has had it out for me from the beginning.   Truth be told, she's a real pain in the ass.  Thinks nothing of finishing off the coffee but would never dream of making a fresh pot.  And she always brings store bought baking to our potlucks.

I guess it's the thought that counts.


  1. "Perhaps something that starts with a V and ends with an A...."


  2. I love that song. Its from way back in the day (for me) but never gets old.

    I personally only sing in the shower. or the car and I only dance if Im drunk.
    pathetic I know

  3. BAh ha ha!! Sara, count on you to come up with that word. I guess I should clarify I was talking about Vodka. Tee hee. You're too funny.

    KittyCat, I agree with you 100%! Except you should sing. I sing all the time. This does not mean I'm good at it. I just like it. The dancing, sober, only happens in my house. Dancing in public requires v-o-d-k-a. Not vagina, as Sara would have you believe.