Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Bike & a Ball Short

Do optimists ever have days when they just say fuck it?  Or do they truly look at every situation, no matter how shit filled and say, "On the bright side, it's solid shit and therefore easier to clean up than diarrhea."

I can't help but ponder these sorts of things.  I've been feeling quite upbeat and positive lately but I keep hitting roadblocks and feel myself slip into the comfortable role of angry victim.  Thing is I'm tired of being an angry victim and the people or situations creating that opportunity for the angry victim to emerge?  Are not angry.  Or victimized.  Or even aware they are being assholes.

So why would I waste my energy on being angry and indignant when they're fucking sitting in la-la land thinking about what a great awesome better than whoever person they are.  The same goes for situations beyond ones control.

Some things though, are in my control and I do believe it's time to start acting on them.

For instance, 40 year old men ogling my 14 YEAR OLD daughter, are going to fucking start feeling victimized.  And angry. They will be angry I wrecked their bike when I hit them with my fucking Crossover SUV/minivan type of vehicle.  They will feel victimized when I've lopped off one of their balls and placed it every so gently in their mouths while repeatedly kicking them in what's left of their diseased pervert penis.

Seriously.  I've started noticing this more and more lately.  My daughter is a pretty girl.  When boys her age look, I notice, am not thrilled, but I am not stupid enough to think they aren't going to notice and that it's not normal behaviour.  But, if you are a 40 year old man, all "tatted up", tanned in a fashion to make Snooki jealous and have your greasy sick pedophile hair in a pony tail on the top of your head and you check her out once?  You are sick and fucked and I really wish I would've just given you a gentle nudge with my minivan on steroids.  But when you turn around to get a second look? 

If only I didn't have the bare minimum of normals and impulse control I could handle this in a fashion to make Tony Soprano or Jax Teller proud and carry on with my day.  And because I wish I was either affiliated with the mob (only in a fictional TV, Good Fellas sense) or some body's "old lady" (again, only in a SOA, again fictional sense), this is the way I will choose to handle any further over-aged leering at my daughter.

So anyway, while trying to find my positive inner self, I'm faced with obstacles such as the one mentioned above.

There are others as well.  Too numerous and ultimately personal to mention.  I am not one of those lucky bloggers who can write freely.  I need watch my P's and Q's for the greater good. Apparently my old job was not for the greater good. 

And I'm okay with that.

So I guess today's moral is, positivity is a state of mind.  Assholes are generally not aware they are assholes nor do they care.  And middle aged leering creeps?  Shall soon be one bike and a ball short.

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