Monday, September 6, 2010

Mere Moments

It's twenty to eleven.  I should be in bed.  Vision blurred thanks to the removal of my contacts; donned in only a t-shirt and underwear (you'll well remember my refusal to sleep in the buff); book inches from my face.  I'm tired.  And yet, here I sit filled with a false energy.

The house is quiet.  All of the kids are in bed and all of the pets are sleeping.  SportsNet blares in the living room and I'm sitting in the dark lulled by the clicking of the keys as a I type.  I've been made fun of more than once for my notoriously 'hard' typing. I've tried a softer touch but before long find myself banging away again.  I get a sort of satisfaction out of the banging and the sound that results.

You guys are dirty.

Today was a long day.  My first day back in the workforce.  I am, of course, more than a little wary of blogging about work at this point so that's all I'll say.  I worked for four hours.  Outside of the house.

Then I came home and laundered, cooked, cleaned, bathed and read stories.  Then I watched a crazy episode of 'Hoarders'.  One that made me question Sir Patrick's real desire to be child-like forever.  Too many episodes of 'Criminal Minds' watched in this home and too many years spent in a dark profession.

So now I am eking out a few mere moments at the end of the day for myself.  Before I do it all over again tomorrow.  I know I am not unique in this situation; far from it.  There are so many women, in particular, who battle the day away only to find solace at the end of the day in a book, in the tub, on the TV or in a darkened room lit only by a monitor.  It's those few moments where we can think about ourselves, even if only fleetingly.   Where for a second we feel like a person and not a cog in the wheel of everyone else's lives.

Good Night.


  1. Hi
    It's rare to have any time to yourself and think about things that don't concern other people.
    Glad to hear that you found a job, hope that goes well for you. I also was up late watching hoarders and say that episode. Sir Patrick had a collection of junk and roaches in his fridge and a serious case of denial.

  2. And his dolls creeped me out. And his love of the neighbour girl. My daughter said I was being harsh in thinking it was anything less than above board but Sir Patrick seemed to be a few cards short of a full deck.

    Thanks for the well wishes too!

  3. Sir Patrick is a fine dresser indeed!

  4. Love your post. It's not only women. Those moments before bed are my special ones too.

    Single Dad Laughing

  5. Sir Patrick is a fine dresser but I can't help but feel something is a bit 'off' with him as well. And not in a good way. Fashion though? Clearly his forte.

    SDL. Thanks! I love your comment. And yes, I imagine you do cherish those quiet moments to yourself as well. They are always well earned.

  6. I totally comprehend how you feel. I am a mom of two.
    There are sports. There are pets. There is a job.
    Never ending laundry.

    That is why I have the gym and running. It is my "alone" stress free time.

    Some times at the very end of the day, I try and sit and read. But mostly it ends with me crashing from exhaustion.

  7. I know, I need to get back to the gym because it is an escape. Mostly because of the music. I can do almost anything with my iPod on and blaring. Shutting everything and everyone out.

    I read just about every single night but how long depends on that enemy of ours, exhaustion.