Friday, September 10, 2010

I Will Not Make the Same Mistake Twice

I really will not make the same mistake twice but it's so tempting.  What mistake am I speaking of?  You know, the one where I got fired for blogging about work.  I have a new job now.  And man, there is some good material there.  It's like when I used to blog about the other place I would essentially write the blog in my head throughout the day as it transpired. 

That happened to me today at my new job.  I felt a slow smile creep across my face as I thought of the title and content of this blog.  And then, the smile, slowly crept away.


There are new characters screaming for nicknames.  They are scenarios begging to be written about.  Laughs to be had...and yet here I am; blogging about my unwillingness to sacrifice another job. 


This job literally pays one-third of my old one.  Losing it would not be the end of the world...think of the material.

I better not.

So what to write about instead?  Pedestrian happenings of every day life like the food caught between my teeth that flossing was unsuccessful in removing?  How tired I am?  Bad reffing at my son's football game?


See besides all the great new characters and scenarios at my new job, it's not pissing me off. Unfortunately anger seems to be one of my greatest inspirations for writing.  At present I'm not angry; I didn't fall down today; Rhett continues to be joyful about his penis but that's nothing new.  And for any new readers Rhett is my three year old and this is developmentally appropriate behaviour; I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea.

I'm reluctant to publish it because it is so mundane but more reluctant not to publish because then I'll have gone *gasp* two whole days without blogging!  I shan't do it.

So here it is...I can't blog about work because the other place took all the fun out of that.  I'm not angry and therefore am ill-inspired and I have something caught between my teeth.  That is annoying but not enough to fuel a rage-y but humorous rant.

So I'll end with something equally commonplace and call it a night...Have a Good Weekend.

anyone interested in pissing me off so can write???


  1. New inspiration will come to you; fear not! You have a good weekend yourself!

  2. I'm not going to piss you off.

    You might hurt me.

  3. I love the blog. I know how hard it is to not write about your workplace. I work in a restaurant and you can imagine all the crazy things that transpire there everyday. I could write a whole book off of just one week.

  4. Thanks Nicki. I may have gotten a little today but will be heading out shortly to drink some vodka so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Vodka and blogging are like star-crossed lovers in my life.

    Nigel, I shan't ever harm you. I've decided shan't is the theme word for this blog. Fucker.

    Hey Chanel, I love you for loving the blog! Oooh, yes restaurants would be full of good things to observe and 'comment' on. Restraint, we must practise restraint! Let's continue to support one another in this endeavour.