Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Like It

That's what she said.  Bah ha ha ha.  No okay, for serious though?  My friend 'Stacey' did say she liked it.  What specifically?  My phone call to her a little while ago where I went off like a lunatic and dropped the f-bomb approximately 25 times in a seven minute phone call.

I was mad.  And it felt good.  Anyone else noticing a pattern here?  I've discussed this before, but it appears I enjoy being angry a little more than I should.  It's a nice little adrenaline rush.  I feel a sense of purpose.  I can spout focused insanity like nobodies business when I'm good and pissed.

What was I mad about?  Bah, I can't actually say.  Annnooyyying, I know but I gots to play it safe sometimes.

Just don't fuck around.  What people need to know about me is I over-analyze things to death. I am intelligent. If you think you are being sneaky and sending a 'hidden' message?  You're not. Oh and another thing?  I like to be right and will go to great lengths to do so.  And because I have an awesome wizard-like memory for certain shit?  I am right a lot more than I am wrong.

Unless it involves common sense.  It's true.  I can memorize things like a mother fucker and read like one too.  I am quick witted for the most part.  And then?  From time to time, I have to ask my husband a question so stupid I can hardly stand it.  And to this day?  I cannot figure out icing and off-side calls.  (That's in hockey for those of you who don't know).  Watching my son play football on the weekend proved too much.  I relied heavily on my husband with the complaint that there is "too much to watch".  I can't make sense of it all.  But I can write a paper on feminism that will knock your socks off.

So what have we learned today?

1) Stacey likes it when I'm mad which is why we are a good match because:
2) I enjoy being angry more than I should.
3) I am book smart but maybe lack common sense.
4)This does not stop me from being right and liking that too much too.

That concludes today's lesson. There may or may not be a pop quiz tomorrow so live in fear people.  I'm stealing a trick here from Sara Swears A Lot...anyone know what movie that is from? 

First one that does?  Wins a prize!  Prize shall be revealed upon's a hint though...8x10 glossy...Mafia Mama.


  1. I am always right...even when I am wrong. I blame it on being Italian but if I were any other breed, I think I would still always be right. Besides, "fuck" has GOT to be the best word. Ever. If I had to remove that word from my repertoire, I would not be able to carry on a converfuckingsation!

  2. I am a mixed 'breed' of Norwegian, British and El Salvadoran. I think the Latina in me provides the fire! ha ha

    And yes, without fuck, I'd be nothing.


  3. Damn it, I want to win the prize!!!!!!!

    Can I get a hint maybe??

  4. I have a good bbf that I can bitch to. and she just listens to me ramble on.

    I used to be quick to anger all the time, but then I had an affair and dont really have time for being angry anymore.

  5. When you warn us about the pop quiz, it makes it easy to cut class!

    Single Dad Laughing

  6. Sara...hmm, a hint. Let me think...Fergie Ferg is indirectly related to this movie.

    Anonymous....Um, okay.

    SDL: I like you. Don't cut class though, you never know what fun things you might miss...sometimes I show dirty movies.