Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Slight Detour

For those of you who may be getting impatient and might be keeping track of whether or not I'm posting daily?  I actually did post yesterday.  Just not here. 

Instead head over to PMS Chronicles.

Please and Thank You.

Oh and in case you're wondering this is also my blog.  I only post on it about once a month, oddly enough...


  1. Once again...hillarity at its finest! And, being that I do know you makes it all the funnier! I can accurately visualize you in those situations For those readers who do not "know" you...Angela is a remarkably attractive and non-pudgy lady. She may think/talk like she is , but she isn't. We should all look so good after 4 kids. But don't let those good looks fool you...she is being true to herself on her blog!

    Chicken Little

  2. Chicken Little, I like you. So very much. In fact this may be my new favourite comment EVER. (Hint to those of you competing for this fine honor-say I'm good looking and thin whether you know this to be true or not).

    In all sincerity, thanks and much love to you my little chicken friend.