Thursday, January 6, 2011

Miss Popularity

Okay, so now that I'm thoroughly back in the swing of things in the blogging world I am discovering some things I had forgotten.  Being part of the blogging world is like being part of a big high school.  It's a giant limitless popularity contest.  Much the same as when I was actually in high school I continue to fail in this regard.  I was not hated or bullied or bothered.  I was also not popular.  I was just there and in Grade 11 I became known as another one of the myriad of girls in the school who was pregnant and then as one of the girls with a baby in the daycare at school.

Now, I don't even have that notoriety.  Does it bother me?  Duh.  Why do you think I'm writing about it.  I know it shouldn't bother me and that first and foremost I should write for myself and I do but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate appreciation.  I want to be a 'Top Blogger' or get some other kind of blogging award that no one else will acknowledge or know what it means unless they happen to blog as well.  I have read a number of blogs in the past few days.  Some of my old favourites and one or two new ones.  The ones that are official looking and have little buttons declaring their popularity make me jealous.  They are the popular rich girls who never say or do anything embarrassing or get knocked up.  They have all the name brand clothes and perfect hair.  Sigh.

Blogging is a job for some people.  They have put in some serious time and effort to attain the level of notoriety they have amongst other bloggers.  This summer I put in a pretty solid effort myself but then let it go.  It's time to get back in there.  Shut down the pity party and break out my acid wash jeans and curling iron and make these bangs as big as they can be.

Stay tuned.  By the time Spring rolls around I should be a shoe-in for Prom Queen!


  1. Hey you got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!! We can make our own "cool table" in the cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya loud and clear!! I want to be popular too but I have to keep reminding myself that I write for me and I appreciate the few followers I have!!!

  2. Thanks Nicki! I was part of another cool kids lunch table this summer with Sara Swears A Lot and someone else but then the cheerleaders made us move. So you and I shall establish another table and hold our ground!

    I value my followers and readers too and get some pretty great encouragement and so I can't complain at all. I've met some awesome people, you most definitely included!

  3. Cheerleaders suck! We fuckin rule!