Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2

In the spirit of Resolutions and such I'm here to report.  Obviously I'm so far sticking with the blogging resolution and I'm not doing horribly with the procrastination issue either.   I'm sorry, I need to digress here for a minute to talk about how much I dislike Queen Latifah.  I attempted to watch the People's Choice awards for about thirty seconds but gave up because she's too much.  She's not funny.  Neither are the Kardashians and why is that one so much taller and bigger than the other two?


Anyway, I did get some laundry done but this is nothing...

Okay, twenty-five minutes later and I'm back.  Where did I go?  Well in the midst of promoting a successful productive life in the day of this modern-day do it all woman, I realized I forgot to pick my daughter up from rehearsal.


To be fair it was only five after nine and I was supposed to be there at 9 and we only live about five minutes away.  Yes, I am defensive but also had a good laugh at myself.  She found it funny too.  Eventually.

Heh heh.

Okay, so anyway, I did some laundry.  My son's.  This is because he started cleaning his room the other day and this led to mass dumping of a clothing and other articles in the laundry room.  Clothing we thought was lost for good.  Clothing that likely hasn't fit him for at least two years.  Clean clothing.  As in still folded but because he failed to put it away properly so it eventually ended up on his floor and as such, he's decided to just put it back in the laundry.  Teenage boys are a special gift.

As are teenage girls but at least they are clean.

I got a solid five hours of work done today.  Not bad in between parenting the three year old, the 14 year olds orthodontist appointment, pick ups and drop offs of the six year old and the stupid laundry and making supper.  So I forgot to pick up a kid, big deal!  In all reality, something had to give.

I had to run out to pay a bill too and stopped at the store to buy some dishwasher detergent and picked up some discount Christmas candy too so part of my multitasking included mass consumption of grocery-store brand chocolates.  So basically I'm efficient and pretty...Pretty on the couch stuffing my face full of candy but too lazy/tired to get up off the couch and go get the drink of milk I was desperately craving.

So, all in all, not a bad day.  I'm a bit rambly and scattered I know but deal with it.  This is a much more positive post than the one I was/am contemplating about the capacity of humans, especially family members, to be such complete assholes to one another, but I'll save that for another day.  But seriously, how can some people be so desperately unaware and ignorant?

Ooops.  That was a little slip into Negative Nelly land.  So sorry.



  1. My teenage daughter is very messy! I am jealous! Sounds like a productive day and congrats on day 2 to both of us!!!

  2. Busy is good. : )

    Im having a little negative nelly land myself today.

    So I say its all good.


  3. Nicki, my teenaged daughter can be messy too but not to the extent her brother can. He, though, is more laid back and she is not and spends most of her time questioning her place in this family when she is so clearly better than all of us! Sigh. Woo hoo for New Year's Resolutions though!

    KittyCat, I believe negativity is a direct result of being painfully aware of the realities life brings and smart enough to see those realities and truths for what they are. I think it's a sign of intelligence. I am negative about 75% of the time, just so you know where I'm coming from. ;)

  4. i'm a sucka for award shows. i love impassioned speeches and amazing dresses and jewelry. but the peoples choice awards didnt grab me either. can't wait for golden globes later this month.

  5. The Golden Globes are typically more entertaining thanks to alcohol! p.s. Thanks for stopping by Patty Punker. I feel exponentially edgier just by having you graced my blog with your presence! That sound facetious. I promise I'm not being so.