Sunday, May 22, 2011

Extreme Lameness

I bought the new Adele CD.  I like it.  My daughter really likes it and is also currently cleaning the kitchen.  Which means I am listening to Adele sing her heart out while trying to watch the Billboard Music Awards.  Beyonce is currently singing her out heart.  It's too much.  Adele has a lot of angst and Beyonce is trying really hard.  Maybe even too hard.  Or maybe I'm just overstimulated.

This is one of those kind of days that was ultimately a good day but has left me feeling badly about myself.  Why?  I ate about 4 Wagon Wheels.  I slept a lot on the couch this afternoon.  I couldn't stay awake.  It is the long weekend here in Canada and today is the first day of this weekend that it did not rain all day.  Yet I spent the majority of the day inside.  And here's another big confession here on Driven:  I don't like it outside.

I don't hate it but I don't make any big efforts to get outside.  And this makes me feel bad about myself.  It makes me feel like Kate Gosselin.  Before her real personality emerged I used to watch that show (when she was still married to Jon) and I used to laugh every time she said she was an indoors girl.  It made me feel better about myself but knowing what we all now know about Kate, I feel less inclined to identify with her in anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I like the beach as much as the next girl.  I enjoy camping and sitting by a fire.  But what I like even more than both of those things is TV.  And my couch.  Any couch for that matter.  So maybe if I lived somewhere where I could have a super nice Extreme Makeover Home Edition kind of outdoor living space, I would be more inclined to get out there. If it's nice out where I live, a person is usually contending with gale force winds, or bugs or children.  So yes, my dream outdoor living space would also be child-free.

So between the Wagon Wheels and the couch surfing I feel like a real loser.  I did vacuum and dust and shower just to feel a little less sloth-like.  I ate chicken and salad for supper.  (And then an ice cream sandwich-whatever, don't judge).  And now I'm posting which also feels like an accomplishment so I guess all is good?

Kind of.  My older children have plans to go out tonight.  They went out Friday night.  The oldest had some friends over here last night.  My husband and I have done diddly squat for the entire long weekend.  Yesterday we did take the two youngest kids to see the Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel. It was good.  And we watched some Extreme Couponing.  Yep. 

Fuck.  So this is what middle aged feels like?  About 15-20 years too early?  I'm 34.  Am l lame or just mature?

Don't answer that.

This, however, has worn me out so I think it's best I re-adjust here on the couch and enjoy some more TV. 


  1. I am not a fan of the outdoors either. I don't care for nature (heat/cold, wind, rain, dirt, bugs, allergens, etc). I don't like dirt or sand. Bah. I've tried camping (RV camping, car camping and lay on the dirt, piss in the woods camping) and HATED it. I'd much rather stay indoors. I admit it! I work hard to be able to afford shelter and dammit I'm going to enjoy it when I can.

  2. I am not really the outdoorsie-type either. I hate bees and Lupus makes me hate the sun. However, I did spend almost all day in the gardens yesterday since it was cloudy and sprinkling! Today I have to go grocery shopping and make dinner. Ugh. Seems like too much to do!! I loved the episode of Palin's show when Kate went camping with her and all the kids! I nearly pissed myself!!

  3. Kittie, I have allergies too and this likely contributes to my less than eager attitude to spend every waking moment outside. And I love your point about shelter-so true!!

    Nicki, I went grocery shopping yesterday. Just a quick trip, thank God. But today I have to take my son to go shopping for a trip he's going on. It's just neverending! ha ha. I didn't watch Palin's show. Ugh. :)

  4. I just joined bloggy moms to post my new blog and was flipping through the directory and found you.

    Read your first post and I am totally in love with you. You sound just like me.

    Can't wait to read more.


  5. Thanks!! I am going to have to check you out too :)