Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drama School's Out

Couple of days ago I went on ad nauseum about how much I like my kids.

We are now two days into a week long break from school.

I still like them but I think we need a break.  Nothing permanent, maybe just to see other people for awhile.  You know, to remind us of how good we have it at home.

I banished the two youngest ones outside for roughly an hour this afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day and they had a good time when they got out there. Of course they are my children so part of the play included "pretend hockey fighting".  They had each other by their jacket collars and were throwing "pretend" punches at each other's heads.  And they laughed while they did so.

I was so grateful for the quiet inside the house that when I witnessed this 'fun' game, the best I could muster up was a "be careful".  Not, hey, don't engage in physical violence with one another.  Or even a "hands off".  Just "be careful".

The four year old came in with a bit of a nosebleed.  He was unconcerned.  I dealt with it quickly, provided him with a Kleenex to take outside with him and sent him back for Round 2.

Desperation for quiet makes even the most conscientious parent (not that I ever claimed to be such a thing) loosen the reins a little.

Then I allowed them in to watch TV and have popcorn.  This guaranteed me another half hour of quiet.  Then, all hell broke loose and at one point then both ended up in their respective rooms trying to outcry one another.  And because we didn't leave the house today and because they are both ridiculous drama queens? I laughed.  The keened like Irish women of old who'd lost their husband at sea...and they took turns trying to outdo one another.  

This dramatic flair comes from their father.  As much as I am quick tempered, impatient, critical and sometimes a downright Ice Queen, I am not dramatic. If I'm mad, I'm mad.  The end.  There is no great flair or flourish aside from my idiot savant use of foul language.  Ryan, my husband, is fairly even tempered, patient, tolerant and friendly.  And dramatic.  We are definitely the epitome of opposites who attract and this in turn, has created quite the combination of traits in our offspring.  

And so here we are; impatient, hot tempered, dramatic and stuck together for five more days before they return to school.  And this doesn't even include the teenagers.  One is away and the other is here.   The other spent time designing a tattoo he hopes to get next month upon his 18th birthday. One is shopping and planning a ski trip later this week.

And me? I am eating too much chocolate (stupid discount Valentine chocolate).  I am attempting to get some work done in the midst of requests for 75 snacks a day.  I am attempting to talk to my grandma on the phone while tracking the sound of a pop bottle opening in the kitchen (Diet Root Beer is not allowed at 10:30 a.m.).  I am trying to enjoy my children and I am trying not to run away from home and/or get day drunk. 

All that being said, I do still like them.

Most of the time...

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