Monday, February 20, 2012

Winning & Welfare

Today was not the day I had planned.  I am well known for being fairly rigid and not adapting well to not getting my way; whatever way that happens to be.  And today was no exception.

It is Family Day here in Saskatchewan.  People had their Family Day plans plastered all over Facebook and so Ryan and I decided we would jump on the bandwagon and take the boys skating this afternoon.  Family fun!  Skating, then maybe hot chocolate, maybe cookies, maybe a movie-hell for all I knew we were going to break out into a choreographed song and dance routine on the ice.  (Highly unlikely as I can barely skate. Or sing.  Or dance without the aid of alcohol).

Instead our day was very unlike this. There was singing.  In the car.  We let our 8 year old run the iPod.  So we listened to a lot of popular music and ended with a little Justin Bieber.  Then we settled on the radio for a bit.  My husband turned up the volume on a song that made me question if maybe he was about to get his period for the first time...but I digress.

Before we even left town we stopped for a heart and family friendly lunch at McDonald's.  This was due to the fact we needed groceries and nobody was much interested in another lunch of Kraft Dinner or peanut butter toast.  So McDonald's is the obvious alternative (at least in the minds of our 8 and 4 year old).

We sat eating our cholesterol raising, Type 2 Diabetes promoting, heart attack waiting to happen lunch when I began eavesdropping on the folks behind me.  And then the heart attack began stemming from my angry place more so than my lunch.

According to these, I'm sure highly educated folk, people on "welfare" would likely be better off living with one of them "shovelling their walks, cutting and watering their grass, and washing floors" then on actual assistance.  That was the highlight of, again, what was a very intellectual conversation involving immigration.  I angrily sucked back my child size chocolate shake (my attempt to pretend I am making healthy choices).  And when I could stand it no more, I turned  The Prophet himself was a nearly 400 lb. man.  So apparently he can make choices that will continue to cost me as a tax payer but we shan't have immigrants coming in or anybody else for that matter living off of assistance.  

This man could sit and spout bullshit all day long while his heart screamed in protest as he swallowed yet another Big Mac whole and then when his heart finally figures what's the point and stops screaming and attacks him instead?  He will end up in hospital.  We are lucky enough to not have to pay for a hospital stay here in Canada but that does not mean it's free.  It's called taxes.  Taxes I willingly and gladly pay for this privilege, just so we're clear.  He will be told to make lifestyle changes.  He will not listen.  But I think I have the answer-you see if he really doesn't want to make any big changes, he could come to my house a few times a week and wash floors, clean bathrooms, clean the litter box, pick up dog know, things that would get him moving.  An active lifestyle goes a long way toward health and longevity.  And furthermore he'd be practising what he preaches.  It's really win-win all the way around.

So my day didn't go as planned but I was lucky enough to end up with fodder for this post without revealing the real upset of my day and I made homemade Snickers bars.  Again, I'm winning in a fashion that would make Charlie Sheen blush.

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