Monday, April 25, 2011

Never Say Never

Today I found myself cruising the streets of Moose Jaw with Justin Bieber music blaring from the windows of my silver cross-over vehicle which is basically a minivan trying not be a minivan.

Yeah.  I'm cool like that.

Why Bieber?  Because I have a 7 year old boy who has discovered Bieber and thinks he is God's answer to music.  His favourite song is 'Never Say Never'.  If you don't have either  a small child or a teenage daughter and/or you live under a rock, this is a song Bieber did with Jaden Smith and it's from the movie 'Karate Kid'.

So yes. Three times we listened to it today.  All the while I reminded myself that there was a time I possessed a Milli Vanilli tape and thought it was AWESOME...  We all have our moments.  So I support his Justin Bieber fanaticism at present.  At the very least he loves music and that's all I ask of any of my children.

What else should I write about?

Acting like an elderly woman on the brink of Alzheimer's?  I was looking for my black work binder today. This led me to even checking my vehicle.  Which led to me cleaning and organizing my pretend crossover vehicle.  Which led me back in the house, hot and sweaty and I slumped down in my chair and wondered what the fuck I did with it and was slightly panicked.  Then I looked to my right.  And there it was.  On top of my black printer.  Which may or may not be located a mere foot away from my laptop.   The whole time.

And it was Easter this weekend.  Easter.  How do we as society, who largely revolts against any sort of organized religion come together in such a wild frenzy of sugar and a, so I've been told, pretend Rabbit?  We are not a religious family.  My two youngest children know very little about Jesus.  I think they know his 'last name' is Christ and that when I use His full name, I'm not impressed and I will be equally unimpressed if they choose to use His name in a moment of displeasure.  And I have told them, I think, that Christmas is His birthday.  But to connect Jesus with the Easter Bunny would never happen for them.  I'm not even sure how Christians make the connection.  What does a giant chocolate egg shitting rabbit have to do with the resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour?  Why does he hide the eggs/candy?  What's his deal?  Santa Claus has the decency to celebrate the Lord's birth by bringing gifts and placing them in plain sight.  In socks.  Who decided that?  None of this makes sense to me.

Instead I find myself exhausted at the end.  Christmas is especially difficult.  There are weeks of preparation involved and the day itself is a never ending stream of celebrating and cleaning and eating and then more cleaning.  And not enough sleep.  And oh, it's a time to spend with family and friends.  As Easter is.

Super.  Friends are super.  Families have dynamics.  They can be super.   Super dynamics or super good times but why do we all decide that on this particular date we need to get together.  What's wrong with July 17th?  Nope. No way.  There are no fictional characters bringing shit for anybody and so we will not eat together.  It's not acceptable to celebrate as a family unless we are in the midst of commercializing a previously largely Christian/religious celebration.

Sigh, I sound bitter.  Ha! I almost typed I "shound" bitter.  Which may be more appropriate as I've nearly finished my second glass of wine.

Happy Easter Mothertruckers.


  1. It is funny you said all of this because we laugh every year about Bunnies and candy and colored eggs on the biggest, most blessed day of Christians' lives! I was at the firehouse talking with the clan the day before Easter and the chief asked me, "What is so great about Easter?" I said, "It is the biggest holiday for Christians...more important than Christmas. It is the resurrection of our Lord! He is risen!" My chief said, "Well, what the hell does that have to do with eggs and chocolate?" I said, "Not a clue" and the conversation ended there. =)

  2. Hey lovely lady, I am glad you enjoyed this! I have another Christian friend and really didn't want to offend either of you. I was raised, as a very small child, in the Lutheran church and so I know a little-but never do I remember the tie in between mass consumption of chocolate eggs and the resurrection!

  3. Christmas and Easter have lost all meaning, not that I pay attention to what they are supposed to mean. I just look at them as days I let my kids eat candy for breakfast.

  4. I try to pay a little attention to what Christmas means because otherwise it seems ridiculous. Although all this entails is reading the Golden Books version of the Christmas Story to them.

    And yes, other than that, Christmas in particular is just a free for all day of gluttonism and celebration of consumerism. It's my favourite day of the year!

  5. I think it has something to do with the body of Christ. Wait. No. Hmmm...I give up. Just enjoy the damn chocolate!! I am sure God won't mind! =)))) Hope you are doing well and had a wonderful day of eggs and chocolate!!!

  6. Oh my! You should seriously detour him to some better music.

    Just sayin

    Im a little late on this, cause If been jackin around and havent had time check ppls shit out.

  7. I am doing well and I continue to enjoy the chocolate and eggs (we had a lot around here)!

    KittyCat, believe me, I try. I need to start playing him Tom Petty again and some Sublime. Really, all I ask is they love music and at the very least, I appear to have achieved that goal.