Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TLC vs. The Leader's Debate...Winner?

I apologize for the lack of posting as of late.  I'm busy.  And short on ideas.   Which means things are kind of good and kind of bad.  Good in that there is nothing happening to fuel any anger-filled ranting posts and bad in nothing funny is happening either and some days seem hard but I don't want to write depressing posts and therefore, I write nothing.

Then I feel guilty.  Or I read someone else's great post and I want to write.  I still don't know about what.  I watched maybe half of the Leaders Debate tonight.  Canadians will be heading back to the polls May 2.  Our last election wasn't very long ago.  Our choices are the droid who is currently in office, a highly unlikeable and stiff man who proclaimed to like the States better and I fear only returned to Canada because he thought he'd have a better chance of getting in office here (which turns out to not be the case) and a likable enough guy who doesn't hold a lot of political clout.  Likely because he presents as someone who wants everyone to like him.  There is also the leader of the Bloc Quebecois.  He made some good points and looked mean and was enjoyable to listen to because of his strong French accent which is unlike any I've heard before.

I have no desire to vote for the droid currently in office.  Wait! I forgot to mention that the one female candidate was not allowed to vote.  I'm a poor PoliSci study though and can't really remember why she's not allowed in, but I think it likely has to do with her having a vagina and a b-r-a-i-n.

After the debate I did homework with my 7 year old.  Those of you with young children or who've ever had young children will no doubt remember the joys of reading out loud with them.  It's even better when said child is in French Immersion, which was your choice, but leaves you both sometimes and somewhat confused as to what the story might be about and the actual correct pronunciation.  And it leaves you even more than a little weary of listening to your child read out loud.  Yes, I love him and yes I'm very proud of him and to brag a little, he even reads above grade level.  In French! So yay him!  However, I will French kiss someone the day we are done with reading out loud.  To clarify, I like reading to them.  I'm not against reading.  I clearly like words.  Which is evidenced by my current inability to stop defending myself at present.

Then children in bed and I'm downstairs.  TV on to TLC.  A person doesn't even have to watch.  Just listening to the programming and commercials is entertainment enough.  TLC does not give anyone in North America a great vote of confidence when it comes to intelligence.  Could it be more repetitive?  Simplified?  Addicting?

I'm sorry. I appear to be done.  I'm being sucked into the Extreme Couponing vortex.  What is wrong with these people?  Where do they find the time?  I'm tempted to make that weird sound people make while motioning as if stabbing someone.  This little blond just pointed to her fliers and said, with more than a touch of crazy in her voice, "This is my money".

Um, okay.  She clearly gets her make-up for free too.

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