Friday, June 17, 2011

Cherry Pie Worship

I don't really know where to start.  It's raining, so that might be as good as place as any.  Not really newsworthy but for the love of God, when will this sucktastic weather end? Right now, in the glorious city of Moose Jaw, Sidewalk Days are taking place.  Basically they block off downtown and all the businesses set up outside and there is entertainment, stuff for the kids to do, etc.  And given that most of the time the highlight of any given week is the outdoor Polka concert put on in the park for seniors?  I kind of look forward to Sidewalk Days.  There is shopping.  There are mini donuts.  Cherry flavoured lemonade. Mini Donuts.  Face painting for the kids; those death trap bouncy castle things and MINI DONUTS.  Today the rain is keeping us from all of these things.

Now yes I could go anyway and we could don festive ponchos and take umbrellas if for nothing else than a shot at the donuts but it's just not the same.  If this rain doesn't let up I'll have to wait another WHOLE WEEK before I can get mini donuts.  That's then the fair comes to town.

Moose Jaw really likes to do it up at the end of June/early July and then call 'er a year.

Speaking of the fair, in the next closest city, beautiful Regina (some people say it's the "City that Rhymes with Fun"), their annual fair will be happening in early August.  I was reading the paper this morning and noticed that one of the performers will be none other than WARRANT!  When I was 13/14, I worshipped Warrant.  I was in love with Jani Lane and longed to swept into his 'Heaven' singing arms while his long blond hair flowed in the wind.  Have I mentioned my predilection for boys with long hair?  It started a young age.

Here they are in all their 90s 'Metal' glory:

Yes people, take it all in.  The love of my life is the one almost dead center.  And frighteningly enough if he had short hair and a perm(I'm not kidding, but in his defense, he stopped perming his hair about 17 years ago), this almost resembles my yeah, that's super.  Anyway, my friend Brigette loved the dark haired one in the lower right hand corner.  She & I devoted a great deal of time to the worship of Warrant and practised our head banging to such hits as 'Cherry Pie' and whatever other songs we liked of theirs.  To be honest, right now I can only think of Cherry Pie, Heaven, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (I think) and I Saw Red.  Jani (pronounced Johnny but spelled cool like that because that's how he rolls) nearly broke my adolescent heart when he sang I Saw Red about whatever groupie slut it was that cheated on him and broke his sensitive rocker heart.

I saw Warrant ten years ago at Minnedosa.  An outdoor rock concert event.  Jani had gained a few pounds and had a thinning bob.   I'm concerned what ten more years may have done to my young love crush.  Will that stop me from going?  I don't think so.  Why not cling to my youth?  It just dawned on me that it was 20 years ago when posters of these guys adorned my bedroom wall.  And yes, I had an entire wall devoted to Warrant.

One for Warrant, one for Poison, one for Bon Jovi and one for Skid Row.  I think a few Motley Crue posters may have made their way into the mix as well.  No New Kids on the Block for this girl!  I was far too cool, edgy and 'raw' for that boy (man?) band.  Mariah Carey?  No thank you.  Milli Vanilli?  Yes, they snuck in their too.  For shame, I know.

So today on this rainy day ruining yet another day of supposed summer? Maybe I will Google Warrant.  Try to find some videos on You Tube and maybe talk my husband into donning a long blond wig and lip syncing to Cherry Pie and see where the day takes us...

Or not because the children do not have school today.  So they are here.  In the house.  Because it's raining.  Maybe I'll just start drinking instead....


  1. Being out in the rain even for a good band still sucks ass. Poncho or no poncho.

    Maybe you should give my sportsman a call today, hes off and said something about being drunk by the time I got home.
    ; )

  2. Hey Kittycat!

    Luckily the fair, where the band is playing, isn't for about another six weeks so hopefully the rain will have stopped by then!

    And I just may do that. It's no fun drinking alone!