Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shave My Back, Ferris

I must first apologize at my lack of posting this week.  I have been in a foul mood since Monday.  Today I am better.  Why?  Maybe it's the second day of sunshine in a row.  Maybe it's having the time to drink two cups of coffee this morning and reading the papers.  Maybe it's because last night was a good night work-wise.  I'm not sure but I am sure I like not being miserable.

One of the highlights of my week:  My four year old came downstairs, butt naked and paraded a little in front of my husband and I.  He loves his naked body and his penis.  So I said something to the effect of:  "That's right Baby, love that body."  That's not as creepy as it sounds.  I was making a joke.  His response? "Show me your body and I'll shave your back!"  This was said with perfect timing and directly to me.


I, for the record, do not need my back shaved.  I'm a hairy gal, for sure, but the hair is where it's supposed to be.  Legs, underarms, etc.  I look after all of that on my own.  Why he chose that particular response, I'll never know.  My husband doesn't even have a hairy back.  He doesn't even have a hairy front.  He has about 23 chest hairs in total.

Anyway, I enjoyed it but worried and wondered at the same time.  Why would I worry?  I can handle this kid at four.  I love him immensely and he provides me with constant entertainment.  At 14, I think it will have turned to worry.  17?  I don't even want to think about it.  I don't think he's going to be bad in a criminal sense but I do believe he's going to give me a run for my money.  His personality combined with his looks (he's cute, I'm not biased, other people say it too-ask 'Stacey' and Sinatra), combined with the fact that he's my 'baby' and may or may not (yes he does) have me wrapped around his little finger?

I think I'm raising Ferris Bueller.

Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller?  Except for his sister, Jeannie but that bitch was seriously uptight and it wasn't until she went on vacation with her other family and gave it up to Patrick Swayze (RIP) that she loosened up a little.  Rhett, my Ferris, has a sister too.  She's 14 so will be on her own by the time things are really getting out of control here.  Not that she won't be angry about it and chide me about it.  That being said, I know she'll have the presence of mind not to make out with Charlie Sheen.  If he's still alive in ten years...


Sorry.  Anyway, school is very nearly out, summer is trying to be here and I got a little of my tan on yesterday so as soon as I hit the gym and do some laundry I'll be ready.  Not necessarily DTF but I'm not a grenade, even for a 34 year old baseball, soccer, football, hockey mom.



  1. Congrats on your few good days and many more to come! Funny, everyone has a good day when the sun is out and I pray for clouds! At least it can still be sunny in your neck of the woods and cloudy here at the same time so I don't feel bad praying for the sun to hide! Tan? I forgot what that was like! Another interesting tid-bit....I blogged about the sun and mentioned Bueller in my blog today too!!! heehee!!!

    I didn't think you would have a hairy back but that line is hysterical!!!!

  2. Thanks Nicki! That sun came back to bite me in the ass. Actually lost sleep last night over a sunburn. Well, that and my husband's caveman-like snoring. Anyway, great minds clearly think alike!!

    And thanks for the vote of confidence on the body hair issue, much appreciated. <3