Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Lied

It's true, I did.  See, all those months when I ranted and raved about my job and how much I hated it and referred to my co-workers as idiots? I wasn't telling the whole story and that my friends, is lying by omission.

What I left out were the parts about days when I would be heading out to travel for the umpteenth day in a row and people would notice that I was at my wit's end; as an aside it is never hard to tell when I'm at my wit's end.  I stop speaking coherently except to angrily say "Fuck" roughly five times per sentence.  All joking aside though there were days when it was rough. And on those days I had more than one person asked me what they could do to help.  And help they did.  And it was never done begrudgingly.  They wanted to help and it was plainly clear.  And it's often what got me through those especially trying times.

And here I am yet again, having somewhat of a trying time.  And those same people who helped before?  Have come through again in fine fashion.  Actually I don't like the phrasing of that because it may suggest I expected their help and I did not.  They have been great with moral support and been some of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to my blogging.  Yesterday though? They took the support to a whole new entirely unexpected level.

It nearly brought me to tears but because I'd rather eat vegetables than cry in front of people I maintained.  Yet later in the evening when I was talking to my daughter on the phone and sharing with her what these wonderful women had done for me, I got a little dewy eyed again. *Please note dewy is a multi-faceted word and I highly recommend you work it into your vocabulary.

So to those girls, and you know who you are, Thank You.  That honestly doesn't even begin to express the gratitude, appreciation and love that I have for you all and how utterly fantastic you've been through all of this.  There are a thousand and one things I won't miss about it but there are 13 'things' I will.  Actually 12, because one person isn't there anymore either and I don't know her all that well but she took part in this awesome act of kindness and that really touched me as well.

Ew, I said touched. But I mean it so I guess it's okay. 

Insert theme song for 'The Golden Girls' here.

All joking aside, Thank You.  You will honestly never know how much what you've done means to me.


  1. You are a great person Angela and of course you would be surrounded by such beautiful living Angels!!

  2. Lori you are a great person yourself and I'll always be thankful our paths crossed!

  3. i do not know what happened, i tried to post and it ate it. damn google.
    you're awesome!!
    i've been fired... bastards. but i'm better without them!