Monday, August 2, 2010

The Boys

Last night I found myself drinking Jagermeister and Red Bull mixed together out of a coffee cup.  This morning I found myself at the McDonald's Drive-Thru at approximately ten to eight  ordering a giant Sprite and breakfast bagel.  I currently look like a bag lady who found a donation bag of men's clothing as I'm decked out in one of my husband's t-shirts and a pair of shorts I've had for fifteen years.  I washed my face but have not brushed my hair.  Besides all that though? I feel great.

Last night I was with The Boys.

Before I met The Boys, I was merely Angela.  It was one of The Boys who nicknamed me Fargs.  And it stuck. And when someone calls me Fargs?  I can't help but smile.  Fargs & The Boys had a lot of good times together. One of my favourite memories and I think maybe theirs was during a road trip to Saskatoon.  I found myself walking out of a hotel on a Sunday morning trailed by The Boys and one of their friends. Not one of us had a suitcase.  I had my make-up bag and a bottle of contact lens solution.  It did not paint the most dignified of pictures....  For the record though nothing happened so get your filthy minds out of the gutter people.
I no longer live in the same city as The Boys.  I'm only half an hour away but lives get busy and so we don't see each other very often.  When we do get together?  I usually end up vomiting sometime in the next 24 hours. 

However so far, so good today. No vomit.  Beez, who continued to refer to me as a "light weight" and "pussy" for most of the night may not be able to say the same.  Ogie and I ended the night by talking Beez off the lawn, where he really felt he'd be most comfortable.  Then I spent some time rubbing his back as he hung over the side of the deck.  He didn't puke though. Atta' boy Beezie!  And when I left this morning he was even sleeping indoors.

In all fairness, the last time I drank with these guys and their respective spouses, I vomited all the way home.  Which again, is a half hour drive.  And because I married a saint he cleaned the puke off the outside of my vehicle the next day. And it's also why he's taken our two little boys out this morning so I can enjoy my hangover in peace.  And also why he fell in love with and married a girl with a brigade of Boys for friends.

The whole point of this is I love these guys. I hadn't seen them for a year before last night and we picked up right where we left off.  We made inappropriate comments and jokes about one another and to another.  We took a small trip down memory lane.  They were wholly supportive and positive about my recent job loss in a way that I needed.

And last night I got to be Fargs again.  Which I think is vital to my overall well-being.  For awhile I thought Fargs was dead and it saddened me.  Read about that here: The Dissolution of a Friday Night.

As a side note, the girls that The Boys finally settled down with are just as fabulous as my the boy I settled down with.  I owe a huge Thank You to Ogie's wife, Janna, for putting up with our drunken antics last night.  It was their child's 2nd birthday party that facilitated our drunken debauchery.  They also have a not quite two month old baby.  Janna? Deserves a medal because as cool as Fargs is,  Angela might not have been so gracious of a host in the same situation.  So Thank You.

This post is dedicated to The Boys, in no particular order: JB, Ogie, Beez, and Murphy (even though he wasn't there last night and I haven't seen him in seven years, he was one of The Boys).  It's also dedicated to Jenn, Janna and Ryan for accepting and supporting the fact that Fargs always has been and will always be one of The Boys.

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