Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Long Lost Brother

This may be a long shot but once you see The Lame Sauce's profile pic and then my Grade 6 School Photo, you'll see the resemblance and be intrigued

Other than that you need to know I'm the honoured guest blogger over at he Lame Sauce so get your eyes over there and take a look! I promise you won't be disappointed, the photo itself is worth the clicks.


  1. Loved the post. It was UNlamely lame! =) OMG..the resemblance of the two pics is really funny. And...sorry to hear about your party. Fuckers.

  2. Thanks. I'm sure we were separated at birth or something! I have no idea how old he is though so maybe I'd better check my facts first...and fuckers is right. Oh well, their loss because I am a divinely good time.