Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Third Times a Charm

This is my third attempt at posting this morning. I feel as though I've lost my mojo.  I am working on a guest post for Atomic Mommy but am not satisfied with it yet either.  It's always harder guest posting and given that right now I'm struggling with posting for myself it's not any easier.

I quite idolize kris from Pretty All True and I'm envious of her writing ability but more to the point of the great material her girls provide her with!  They are hilarious. I strongly encourage you to head over and have a read.  My children are less than ideal for providing inspiration as of late.  In fact, I just had to take a short break to put the three year old on time out for being mean to the puppy. The six year old has two suspicious wet spots on his shorts which is apparently from he and his brother trying to master the spitting trick demonstrated in the movie 'Big Daddy'. I introduced them to this movie and am now wondering if that was the most solid parenting choice I've made as of late.  Especially after they both took great delight on peeing on the side of our shed yesterday.

And there is also spit on the couch that I've spent the last two days cleaning. Sigh.

Okay, so maybe today is a bad example.  It seems they have been reading my mind and are out to show up Kallan and Maj of Pretty All True fame. 

Ah, all is quiet for a moment.  Adam Sandler just said "booby tassels".  Rhett is eating cereal and paying rapt attention and Reese is perched monkey-like on the formerly clean couch.

And I?  Plan to keep plugging away and hoping for further inspiration and semi-bad behaviour from my children to fall back on in a pinch!


  1. adam sandler is sooo hot. in a quirky offbeat way. keep in mind those wet spots are still innocent now. someday ... oh just slap me.

  2. Too funny and too true! I have a 16 year old boy too. And a 13 year old girl. Wet spots everywhere. Oo, now maybe I crossed a line? And yes I enjoy Adam Sandler too. I don't know if I'd say hot but I wouldn't say no. Funny is always a turn-on.