Thursday, August 5, 2010

Queen of Dentyne

So despite all my bravado about having been fired and not being overly upset about it today was a different story.  You see I thought I had a month to find employment and so while I've been looking I've been pretty relaxed about it. Already some of you are all "how stupid is she?" and "a month isn't all that long".  I know that but as I was expecting two full pay cheques to come rolling my way and I'm feeling pretty good about a couple of the jobs I've applied for, good enough.

Today though, the mail came and my little world came crumbling down. I got my pay stub.  And it's roughly $1300 short.  What. The. Fuck.  Turns out our sick time is pro-rated.  Actually I knew this but just didn't count on it impacting me at all.  I was wrong.  Thanks to the chicken pox fiasco of May and then my two weeks of stress leave in early July, I fell short.  So they paid me out for time I wasn't entitled to and tomorrow they're taking it all back. 

Funny story: my mortgage payment as well as my vehicle payment are both due to come out tomorrow.  That $1300?  Was going to take care of both of those and then some. 


Never fear kids, we had an umbrella for this rainy day I had kind of forgotten about.  It's an umbrella but it's cheap and therefore we can't really rely on it for long. Time to get serious about finding a job.  Whatever that means; as in I'm done with being picky.

My husband is super supportive and keeps reassuring me that I'm still better off now despite not having a pot to piss in.  Or almost anyway.

Less supportive was the woman I had to call to find out where the hell my money went.  She couldn't have been more bothered or annoyed or incidentally, enjoying her gum more, when I called.  Apparently she just needed time to savour her Stride or Dentyne or whatever the fuck was more important than my mortgage payment. I felt as though maybe she was judging me for having been fired when she is clearly so good at her job as resident cud chewer. *Disclaimer: this is NOT about anyone at my former place of work so settle down.

Fired? Yes.  Stupid? No.  Worth any less than Queen of Dentyne?  Definitely not.  Paying my mortgage tomorrow? Yes. Thank God. 

Ultimately this whole event has been life changing in a number of ways and I imagine, more to come.  Do I have any regrets?  Ah, that's a hard question because I'd like to be all confident and cocky and say absolutely not but as I also have a pretty decent reputation as an honest person, I can't lie.  So yeah, I have a couple of regrets. But mostly, I have my sanity back too and as far as I'm concerned?  Sanity far outweighs regret.


  1. Shit! Glad you had some money to fall back on! Here's hoping you find a decent job soon xx

  2. Shit is correct. And me too and Thanks!!

  3. Sanity?

    ALWAYS outweighs regrets.


    You will be fine. You'll see.

    Much love.

  4. Thanks Kris. Right back at you.

  5. Hi
    Girl, I was fired from my last job. talk about being blindsided...I mean can I say that I saw it coming, but was shocked when it happened? I was distraught. I drank that night and laid in bed and cried all the next day, the day after that, I got my shit together (somewhat) and went to the unemployment office. I hadn't been happy at work for a long time, bunch of micromanaging assholes...but I guess I wanted to leave on my own.
    There is life after this...I hope that you get the money part worked out cause that's a real concern. Spend some time to enjoy whats left of the summer and regroup and look for something else.
    I hope it all goes well. Write me anytime.

  6. Thanks Sherri. Yes I think I would've preferred to have left on my own terms as well. In any event things are okay for the time being so I'll keep looking and in the meantime do exactly that: enjoy summer!

  7. I'm checking out blogs from the comments on Jennyslvania, and I found yours. I recently lost my job too, and I'm in the job search mess, so I can totally relate to all this nonsense. I hope you find something soon, and I'll definitely be back to read more!

  8. Thanks and Good Luck with your job search!