Monday, July 19, 2010

I Wanna Get Off

Mind out of the gutter people. I'm referring to the veritable roller coaster of emotions I've been experiencing yesterday and today.  Case in point: while watching America's Funniest Videos last night a video was shown of a little boy crying out of sheer love for the movie 'The Water Horse'.  It was supposed to be funny.  And it was, but by the end of the clip, when I was back in the dining room sweeping? I fought with every ounce of self-dignity I had not to break down in tears.  I was precariously close and I knew my husband would either be worried or appalled should AFV send me into an ugly cry.

Irritable, weepy, angry, giddy, shitting myself silly.  These are just a few of the moods/conditions I'm currently up against. Oh and my neck and shoulders feel like a fucking rock.  Just one big flat rock.  And no, not from 'pumping iron'.  Tension, kids, just plain old tighten til it hurts tension.

And the stupidest or maybe saddest part of it all? I basically brought it on myself and today I face the consequences. 

So what have I done to prepare? Painted my nails.  Fingers and toes. 'Cause guess what?  If I'm going down, I'm gonna look good doing it.  Oh again, with the dirty connotations.  Stop yourselves.

Oh and one more thing, if anyone gets their hands on some Three Olives Grape Vodka which apparently is the new Holy Grail of booze, could you drop a bottle or two off at my house?