Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Master Bedroom

When I was a child we never dared to enter our parents' bedroom before they got up in the morning.  There was no cavorting with mom and dad in bed in the morning. No tickle fights or telling anyone to "scooch over".  If it was a Saturday we made our way to the living room to watch prized Saturday morning cartoons.  On a weekday, more often than not, one or both parents were up before we were.  Plus my parents had a lock on their door and they used it.  I just think it was understood we were not to come in without invitation.

My children do not need an invitation.  They'd scoff at the suggestion.  If I did attempt to make it an invite only sort of situation I think they'd just assume I was kidding and RSVP at 6 a.m. by fighting with each other on top of us and then feigning hurt when we asked them FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TO STOP.

Then there is the cat.  We have two cats.  Callie & Melody. If you head over to Searching you can read more about their ownership of this household and see photos of the divine beings themselves. Melody, whom we lovingly often refer to as 'Fatty', also scoffs at the notion of the bedroom belonging to us.  Nothing infuriates her more than when I make the bed thereby disrupting hour 11 of her typical daily 22 hours of sleep.  She, I am convinced, fully assumes the bed is hers.  Which is probably why she vomited on it that one time. 

My husband and I are waging a losing battle.  Yes we have a lock on our door but it seems barbaric at this age to lock them out all of the time.  And sometimes, they are really sweet and snuggly and even fall back to sleep with a little arm wrapped firmly around my neck.  At this point I've given up.  There are puzzles on the nightstand, cars in the bed, Power Rangers movies in the DVD player.  I figure we have a good five or so years left of this invasion and then the tide will turn and they'd rather poke their eyes out than snuggle with mom and dad in bed.  What gets me through now is waiting for the teen years to strike. And then these little mother truckers are going to learn about payback!  Although it seems slightly creepy to suggest I will climb into bed with my then teenage sons.  Whatever, maybe instead I'll just bust in singing some classic '70s tune.  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh - snuggling in bed! My parents had no lock, but I don't remember any snuggling in the wee hours going on either. My son is only 11 months - so this gives me a little window into what's ahead. I fear the day he turns into a parent hating monster, so I'd enjoy the snuggle time too!

  2. Last night I got peed on. That a definite drawback of snuggle time!