Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summertime & the Livin' is Dewy

Shangela, which is the not to be messed with ultimate combination of myself and my former office partner and still very good-est of friends, Shane, use the word 'dewy' in a multi-purposed fashion.  For example, right now I'm dewy because it's hot and humid and we just took the dogs for a walk and our air conditioning stopped working last summer.  But every time I watch Steel Magnolias or Elf I become dewy at the appropriate times. And if you don't become Dewy when everyone sings 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' then fuck you.  Don't you know you're fucking with Santa's sleigh and it's ability to achieve necessary altitude?

Point being, I'm hot.  And sweaty.  But? I kind of like it.  Why?  Summer is really finally upon us.  Our 300 year old fan is blowing and making an inordinate amount of noise.  The boys are sleeping only in their underwear.  It's a gorgeous night outside and you can hear the noises of people enjoying their backyards and smell burning wood.  Summer.

Tomorrow is already the first of August.  It will be over before we know it. School supplies are already in the stores as are some odd boxes of Halloween candy. Doesn't life go by quickly enough without the added push from retail?

I was not satisfied with the direction this post was taking and said as much.  My daughter, who is 13, asked me to read it to her.  So I read what I had up until this paragraph, obviously.  She said it was good.  Actually the direct quote was: "It's not fabulous, but it's good".  Thanks.  She's clearly my #1 fan.  I can't even fault her because I enjoy her honesty.  Sometimes though, I enjoy it less than others.  Like when she comments on my hair, my musical ability or lack thereof and my predilection for babying both the puppy and my three year old.

However another strong indicator of summer is camp.  Tomorrow I am taking her and her best friend to camp and will live a solid week free from her helpful hints on how to best handle life.  I will miss her though because as well as being honest, she is funny.  Very much so.  Funny, honest and anal retentive.

That's my girl!

Happy Dewy-Days Everyone! (except for the assholes with air conditioning; you're really missing out on the whole summer experience though so really I'm the winner here too).


  1. Dewy? No thank you.

    I am all air-conditioned up overe here.

    It is lovely.

    Also? Daughter honesty is lovely. Up to a point.

    I should know.

  2. There might have been some false bravado happening in regards to enjoying the dewy-ness and not having A/C...

    Yes your Maj reminds me a lot of my Justine. And that is very good.

  3. Love this post! We don't have air conditioning either so I definitely know what you mean about being 'dewy'. ;) This is the first time we have lived in a place without A/C, and you know what? I love these summer days where I can turn on the fans and open all of the windows! The hotter ones, not so much :) Dewy doesn't really agree with me. More like sweaty/ oily. LOL!

    Just found your blog on Bloggy Moms and I wanted to stop by and follow you! Hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think! Happy blogging!

  4. Thanks!! Yes I use the term 'dewy' loosely! I will definitely check out your blog :)