Friday, July 23, 2010

Bare Mattress Martyr

I didn't get much sleep last night.  Part of this is due to being trapped between my husband who was snoring like there was no tomorrow and my three year old who was grinding his poor little teeth. Never mind the cat wrapped around the top of my head.

So by 2:30 this afternoon, after a lunch out with the girls, I was ready for a nap. My family was less ready for me to have said nap. This nearly led me to tears such was the level of my exhaustion.  So I went upstairs and laid on my bare mattress and attempted to sleep. Why was the mattress bare?  Well said three year old had a bit of an accident this morning.  In our bed.  So I had cleaned it and was waiting for it dry and our bedding was in the dryer.  So yes, poor pathetic martyr-minded me laid on the bare mattress lamenting the cruelty of family and their combined efforts to keep me awake.

Have I ever mentioned how lack of sleep and I do not good partners make?

Anyway, I did finally achieve a nap. Which would lead any rational minded person to assume that I , as a rational person herself, would feel better and have a renewed sense of energy and spirit upon waking.  Wrong.  Instead I felt like causing intentional bodily harm to anyone who dare cross my path. Or speak to me.  Which my teenage son attempted to a couple of times.  He should know better after 16 years of observing this particular pattern of behaviour.

Today I didn't even want my typical sugar fix upon waking up.  I only wanted more sleep and or to be left completely alone.  Now. Always. 

Within about an hour of waking up I started to feel a little more like my regular self. I'm still tired but am willingly engaging in conversation with my family members. I have brushed my hair.  I am starting to have some thoughts about chocolate or candy in general.  Ah, the universe has restored itself.

Though I can help but think, is it bedtime yet?

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