Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends - Part II

I have heard countless times over the past day that when one door closes and another opens.  I believe this.  And I'm not sure if what I'm about to write about qualifies as a window opening but all the same it's something positive that's come out of a negative situation.

Right now I'm answering 17 questions based on the fact that I drank margaritas tonight instead of vodka.  Everyone should have a 13 year old daughter to keep them real.

Anyway, I have received so much support and so many kind words in the last 24 hours that it again makes me realize and appreciate connections I have made.  Connections made at work (believe it or not); connections made as a teenager; connections made through blogging.  I've had someone from every facet of my life come forward and offer encouragement.  Everything from condolences to congratulations. 

And to be fair, some of these words have come from complete strangers courtesy of Twitter.  Fellow bloggers and tweeters but people that I have never spoken a word to or even laid eyes on rallied last night in support.  How awesome is that?

So right now I'm feeling pretty good.  This may also have something to do with raspberry margaritas but since I only had two and spent the rest of the time talking a dear friend's ear off, I don't think it's the top contributor.  I feel good because people are sending me so many positive vibes and thoughts. I feel good because other people are indignant for me when I am not.  I have slid into acceptance. And I feel good, because I knew that I would. Nananananana!

Sorry. Margarita slipped in there.

Anyway, all is well. I slept like a rock last night.  Had lunch with Stacey and her boys.  Poor pregnant Stacey.  Who is very tired of people asking her if the baby's come yet or commenting on the current station of her abdomen.  Because I love Stacey and this post is about Friendship: How about you people fuck off and if you've ever been pregnant remember what those last few days/weeks felt like and how much you wanted to make small talk about how phenomenally uncomfortable you are? And how you know as well as anyone else you'll feel better once the baby is born but since you are not a wizard or other type of spiritual being, cannot will the baby out and are stuck waiting like everyone else?  I get you are asking out of concern and kindness and good nature but please, for the Love of all that's Good, leave her the fuck alone or at least get her some Creamy Dill Pickle Chips and a Big Gulp of Pepsi (fully leaded) and leave it on her front step and then LEAVE.  She might be trying to sleep.

*Disclaimer: If you take offense to my vehement defence and protectiveness of Stacey, know that she had nothing to do with this blog nor does she know I'm making these statements, so take it up with me. Up for it?

Okay I got all carried away with helping her out that I've lost my way...bottom line is, Thank You.  Thank You to the thirty-odd people or so who started following me on Twitter last night in response to guiltysquid's request. Thank You to the girls I've known since before I knew myself, (and they know who they are, I hope) for their support.  Thank You to the people I used to work with for their kind words and support.  Oh and one last thing, as good as I'm feeling right now? In a month or two, if I've not found further employment and am eating nothing but various pastas and breads and suffering a slow carb-induced death?  Thank you for the vodka I can trust will arrive to my house by the caseload.