Friday, July 16, 2010

A Whale of a Tale

I've been giving this body image business a lot of thought over the past few days.  This is due to a number of things including being likely slated as next Friday's guest blogger for the Blogger Body Calendar site.  And in keeping with the spirit of that site and it's intent I've been trying to shut down the harsh critic who lives in my head.  She's a huge bitch.  She rags on me and she's cutting when it comes to members of the general public as well. 

Today though, I took my children to the park. There is a paddling pool there and a spray pad.  Some moms wear their bathing suits.  I do not.  Mostly because I've decided I want a new one but haven't shopped for one yet.  And there are moms of all shapes and sizes there.  And in my new positive "accepting ourselves for who we are" frame of mind I've worked hard to refrain from berating myself for not looking like the toned mommy in the bikini and from condemning the mommy who's suit is a tad too tight.

It's no easy feat.  I love people watching and often times it's for the sheer sake of spotting someone or something to make fun of.  I know.  Can anyone say insecure?  Because that's what it means right?  If I'm working this hard to make fun of others it's clearly in an effort to make me feel better about myself.  There is truth in this.  Sometimes though it's just because shit is fucked up.

Case in point:  woman of an indeterminable age had so much muffin top exposed today that I'm sure the Muffin Man was looking for her and her secret recipe for fluffiness.  Okay, I know that's mean.  But seriously, if you're going to wear pants at least two sizes too small, maybe pair them with an attempt at a flattering top.  Please, please do not pair them with a shirt that is cut off halfway across the back with a string tied right across the very muffiniest part of your top.  Oh and one more thing?  Your Betty Boop thong is in plain sight for everyone here, including the children. to 'enjoy'.  Cute underwear.  What's not cute is that Betty appears to be fighting for her life amongst all that muffin-y goodness.

To clarify, I have a muffin top.  I work extremely hard to keep my tops tucked into my pants and to make sure my top is covering it.  I don't wear big baggy clothing but it fits.  I will, on occasion, wear a thong.  Again, I like to make sure it is not visible to the public eye.  I feel this is just a common courtesy. 

You're welcome.


  1. There is an important difference between 'insecure' 'making fun of' people watching and just plain 'OMgosh that is really........' people watching. Sometimes, something just had to be said and a nickname must be issued. This is just life. Ask Justine about 'Eye Brow' woman from A & W from last weekend. Adrianna successfully captured her image on my cell phone as well. Eye Brow woman did not even realize. NOW this is people watching at it's finest. And you are also Welcome, as I make my contribution to training these girls up right!

  2. She already told me. I'm more than a little sad I missed it.